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Let's start this section of work with something beautiful, while keeping in mind the 3 tasks with which we opened the day and your answers to the initial question:

You learn well when you're well                                                            You teach well when you're well

Is this your experience?

Please watch this TED Talk by my friend Kate Lister.

Biography: Kate Lister manages accessibility and inclusive practice at the Open University, UK, and is an associate for Advance HE. Her role involves driving and coordinating inclusive practice, supporting staff to be accessible and inclusive by design, and championing disabled student needs.  She leads on the OU project to embed wellbeing in distance learning, she co-leads on the Advance HE collaborative project 'Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum,' and she was lead author on the micro-credential 'Teacher Training: Embedding Mental Health in the Curriculum.'

How to make learning support mental wellbeing / Kate Lister/ TedX Open University

What are your thoughts about and after this TED talk?

They can be expressed as a word, a picture, a link to a song, a drawing, a full sentence, a motto, a question, a response to her request of sharing. Whatever!

Please, share them here on Padlet. We could create our own little library/repository of ideas and practices which support wellbeing in the learning and teaching environment and journeys.

Now, please, take a break. Do something you like to do as long as it is far from your computer or any other screen. Take the time to do it.

Take a break! Credits to unknown author on Unsplash

If you wish, share a picture of what you are doing (if it something that you can show! 😉) and upload it here.

Wellbeing in the Higher Education Learning Spaces

Now. A bit more watching to do. But before, make sure you have a notebook or at least 4 white (or coloured!) pages on which you can scribble. And pens or crayons or coloured pencils.

I will try to share my understanding and ideas about how to foster positive Wellbeing in the Learning and Teaching environment for both students and teachers. These are drawn from my own pedagogic research about students’ Wellbeing in educational settings as well as practice, including my experience of devising and delivering the module ‘Understanding Wellbeing’. Elena

Wellebing in Higher Education Learning Environments - Dr Elena Riva

Throughout the presentation you have been invited to jot down your own ideas. Please, share them with others. You might want to take a picture of your notebook or type a post response/blog here. Again, this can become our book of ideas, intentions, collections of practices. We will treasure it.

There are several (a lot!) of reading material suggested in my slides. Feel free to explore whatever sounds interesting to you. Here you can find the slides and bibliography (look at Day 4 section).

Below (after the What's next? section) a few readings which I would recommend for you to approach during some downtime today, tonight, in the near and/or far future. Perhaps you can pick 2 for today and leave the rest for the next days. Number two is the Warwick report I discuss during the video presentation.

What's next?

Please now jump to the next post: Wellbeing in the Distance Learning  Environment

  1. Houghton, A. and Anderson, J. (2018) Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum: maximising success in higher education. York: Higher Education Academy.
  2. Improving students’ wellbeing in the teaching and learning environment - this is my own study about Warwick but contains interesting general reflections made by students and staff.
  3. Case of study: Wellbeing projects at SFU: The website contains useful information.
  4. Stanton, A.; et al., Understanding Students’ Experiences of Well-Being in Learning Environments, Higher Education Studies; Vol. 6, No. 3; 2016, pages 90-99


Brown, P. (2016) The invisible problem? Improving students’ mental health. Oxford: Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI)

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Day 4/Worksheet 1: What has compassion have to do with anything?

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