Take the time to watch again the video produced by Lily-Rose. In a society where everything is fast consumed and digested, where everything is used and thrown away, where we passed from one thing to the next so quickly, I believe we have to take the time re-watch, re-read, re-think. It is not a waste of time. We have grown a little bit since last time we watched it, what has it changed?

This time, concentrate on her words about wellbeing in the distance learning environment, her considerations, worries and hopes. What are the links between what we have discussed up to now and her reflections?

Teaching and Learning Online, by Lily Rose Fitzmaurice

So, what about wellbeing in the distance environment?

It is well known that Student mental health and wellbeing are critical issues in higher education. We know that higher education can trigger or exacerbate mental health difficulties, but research in this area has focused primarily on campus environments. However, distance learning students disclose mental health issues at a higher rate than campus students, and completion and progression gaps are on a par with the sector. With the increasing number of students studying remotely and teachers teaching remotely, it is critical that the barriers and enablers to mental wellbeing in distance learning are understood.

Let's listen a little bit more about this from Kate Lister. I am sharing with you a Masterclass that Kate has delivered a couple of months ago at the University of Warwick, UK. Based on a qualitative research study, this workshop considered the barriers and enablers to mental wellbeing and study success that students experience in distance learning, from assessment, to peers and environment, student identity, transitions, university systems and study.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Distance Learning Environment, by Kate Lister, WIHEA Masterclass, University of Warwick (UK)

Useful links to material mentioned in the workshop: Inclusive Working Groups in distance learning

Time to get on Padlet again. How could you translate some of the ideas you shared before for creating wellbeing positive spaces to the distance learning environments? Jot down your ideas here and then write a blog which summarise your reflections here.

A couple of worksheets....

The next tasks before saying Goodnight are a couple of worksheets available to you to look and work at. These are additional ideas on how you can shape your wellbeing positive physical, distance, blended learning environment, whatever it will be.

Day 4/Worksheet 1: What has compassion have to do with anything?

Day 4/Worksheet 2: What are the cracks that let your light in?

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