Naomi's ingathering in her garden

Welcome to DPL 2020: Education, Agency, Change. Elena and Naomi are delighted to be spending the next week with you, learning and unlearning together, cultivating our community, and sharing practice.

In our course we will be working together to develop a learning community based on principles of care, diversity, and praxis.

We are mindful of the challenges of learning and building community during this time. To allow us to respond to our own circumstances and needs, our course is designed to be dynamic and emergent asynchronous. We will have opportunities to meet together at the same time, but these will be optional.

We wish to encourage you to ask yourself what you need, what would be useful for you, and to engage in ways that supports you in your development, and contributes to the learning of our community.

You'll be invited to an online coffee break every day at UTC 5pm.

Elena and Naomi are both based in the UK, and are on London time (UTC+1).  We can adjust the times and plan once we've started, in response to all of our needs.

You can get in touch with Naomi and Elena directly via Discourse, or by Twitter DM. We've put our out of office on our email this week, and so that is the least effective way to reach us, but possible if necessary.

Before we begin

A challenge of working online will always be how we develop community and how we bring our fullest, most 3D versions of ourselves to an online 2D space.

In the spirit of thinking about learning environments and being human, we would like to invite you to begin to gather around you a learning environment that you find beautiful in your own space, ready for DPL. We recognise that there might be constraints and complications in having your learning environment set up so all the time (perhaps breakfast needs to be shared at the dining table, or the office is a timeshare between you and your children who are also learning online at the moment) so you might wish to collect things in a box that you can take out and have around you while you're learning, and put away afterwards. We'd also like to encourage you to have something that can function as a bulletin board. You don't need to buy anything for this -- it could be a flattened out cardboard box onto which you can tape paper or place post it notes or pictures. It might be a corkboard. Whatever you have to hand.


One of our intentions for this week is for you to have the opportunity to build up resources that you find nourishing and which will, perhaps, energise you for the work and play ahead. An ingathering of things that strengthen and encourage you.

Every day in the week before DPL, we would like to invite you to gather things that you find beautiful to have around you as we learn together.

Things you find beautiful

Before we began we invited you to begin to create a learning environment full of things you found beautiful or useful. Our suggestions for things for you to look out for are below. On day one, we'll ask you to share a little of what you've gathered.

Day one: A quote or poem you find beautiful
Day two: An object that feels good to hold
Day three: Something you've found outside (unowned by others)
Day four: A space/place in which you feel good
Day five: A sound map of the place in which you feel good
Day six: An image that represents something or someone important to you
Day seven: A song or a sound you love
Day eight: A recipe for something you love to eat

Useful things

  • A box (especially if you can't/would prefer not to keep things on display all week)
  • A journal for doodling, pondering and wandering
  • Felt tip pens or coloured pencils
  • Post it notes or paper with tape or something sticky
  • A board -- card, cork, MDF, canvas -- anything you can display things on
  • A quote or idea that challenges you in your assumptions or places of comfort
  • An object that aids reflection/contemplation, such as a candle, a beautiful stone, a flower etc.


We will be using this site (Ghost) and Discourse as our main platforms, with cameos from Zoom, Padlet and (perhaps) Google Docs throughout the week.

Ghost: In Ghost, on the main page you will find the first point of entry for each day. We've designed this for you to begin here, with the first shared content of the day. You will see in the top right corner of the website the names of each day, as well as a link to DPL's Auditorium. The Course information page will take you to the links and passwords you need to access Padlet and Zoom.

We will release new posts and activities throughout each day. Please check back.


You will be invited to tweet (if you wish to) using the event hashtag #digped and the course hashtag #DPLchange. This is a way of inviting people in to our conversations.


Please begin each day at the auditorium. You can find your way there via the link in the top right of each of our pages. This will ensure you know what the day has in store as a member of the wider DPL community, as well as in our community here.

We'll share more information on the outline over the coming week, but in the meantime, here is a taster/teaser. This course is designed to be emergent and so the outline is subject to change.

Before: Ingathering

Day 1: Orientation and cultivation

Day 2: Being human

Day 3: Assumptions and stories

Day 4: Wellbeing and creating hospitable learning spaces

Day 5: Playing with 'what if': imagining and creating futures

Day 6: What now, what next

Day 7: Onwards

We look forward to beginning to get to know you and cultivate our community together.

Day 1: orientation and cultivation is now live. Please explore!

Take care,

Naomi and Elena

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