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Good morning!

Kangaroos (Australia) - Picture taken by Elena

We would like to invite you to begin your day again with your morning pages, asking yourself what you need, whether you need some kind of permission from yourself today, and what your intentions or mottos are. During this time, we encourage you to step away from your screens, perhaps put your phone on silent (or – gasp! – turn it off), find somewhere that you feel good to be, and ground yourself in your current environment. Before you begin writing you might ask yourself, what can I hear, what can I see, what can I smell, what textures and sensations can I feel, and what can I taste. Today is once again a day for inviting the whole of you into this learning, for bringing all of yourself to your learning and explorations. What does that mean to you after a few days of DPL? Has anything changed?

Good morning DPL Change! Day 4 intentions and ideas by Naomi and Elena

Intentions for today

Our intention for today is to create opportunities for us to consider what is the connection between being well and the learning and teaching environments and journeys. Is there a relationship between wellbeing and the learning spaces and experiences? If so, what are the barriers and enablers? Can we create spaces which positively impact on teachers and students wellbeing? If so, how?

To me, all comes down to the fact that...

You learn well when you're well
You teach well when you're well

Is this your experience?

Let's start from the beginning for trying to answer this question personally and as a community. Three tasks, one after the other.

Task 1) Firstly, how do you define wellbeing? What is wellbeing? There is not a right or wrong answer so go for it.

Share your thoughts on Padlet here. You might elaborate further your ideas while reading the posts of others – this is the beauty of learning in community! Feel free to amend your post, write another one, create a sequence of posts which shows the evolution of your thinking around wellbeing. You can also graciously comment the ideas of others.

Credits to East Anglia Children Hospital

Task 2) Secondly, how would you define the learning and teaching environment?

Share your thoughts on Padlet here. Same as above – it is ok to develop your thoughts as the result of a community effort.

Waldorf Steiner school learning environment by Milwaukee Blacksmith

Task 3) Considering these definitions, have you had positive feelings and experiences in specific teaching and learning environments? If so, why and how? Have you also had negative feelings and experiences in specific teaching and learning environments? If so, why and how?

If you wish, and only if you wish, please share your experiences writing a post/blog here. Please, keep in mind that the narration of certain experiences can be a trigger for some people so be mindful and write with grace, acknowledging the presence of possible triggers at the beginning of your post (e.g. this post contains memories of verbal abuse, etc.).

Hopefully these tasks have allowed you to respond to the original question

You learn well when you're well.
You teach well when you're well

Is this your experience?

and to start to think about the potential impact of the learning environment, its places and processes, on wellbeing.

Look out for the evening post at the end of the day. Take care, Elena and Naomi

What's next?

Please, jump to What is Wellbeing - A Quick Dive in the Literature. You will be able to have a quick read through or to go in depth as much as you wish.