This is our last post! What an extraordinary week this has been. Full of robust conversation, creation, playfulness, humanity and, for us, hope. This has been our first time teaching like this. It has been a steep learning curve. We are grateful to everyone in the group for sharing your experiences as we have tried to create this space for the first time, sharing your learning. We went in to this not knowing if we were trying to do something impossible, and it is because of the generosity of this group that it feels like, in many ways, we've together created something remarkable.

Elena and I have begun sharing our reflections below. We have agreed, though, that until we have rested we won't be able to dive into a deeper, more robust reflection. We are both taking some holiday now, and will reconvene when we return to think about this with (hopefully) our whole brains.

It would be wonderful to make this a place of a cacophony of voices, experiences and reflections. If you wish to share your own reflection video below, please do so by editing this page in Ghost. We would also like to invite you to consider writing a letter to your future self today, from the you that you are while you're here at DPL, to be opened, perhaps, on your first day of teaching in the next term. Otherwise, today is for do nothing. Or next to nothing. The weekend is really only for getting caught up, finishing final projects, making sure you’ve connected with people you want to stay in touch with, etc. And celebrate. Because you are amazing!

Above all, we wish to express our gratitude for the hope and humanity we have found in this remarkable community of learning. It has felt, for us, like transformative learning; we have been transformed. We hope you have found some seeds here to take back to your daily lives.

For this is a beginning. We have extraordinary work ahead. We are reinventing education in real time, in practice, while under emergency conditions. If we have one wish for you (we don't we have many) it is this: self compassion in the times ahead.

With hope, love, and encouragement,

Naomi and Elena

Day 7, a reflection on DPL, in which Naomi starts mispronouncing names (sorry) and referring to our coffee break as the 'team meeting' without noticing. [NB: we have another two weeks on Padlet (not three) if you want to download anything from there].