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  • Wait, what? Where are the other bullet points?
  • (If you'd like more structure than this, please watch our conversation and then scroll to the bottom of this page.)
  • We will meet at 5pm UTC for our final 'official' coffee break together – a celebration of all we have learned and wish to share.

Good morning!

This is our final full day together! How quickly that's happened and how much it feels like I've used month's energy in a week. You'll have Saturday, too, to make any connections that you want to, download anything, finish anything off, say goodbyes and au revoirs. There were some wonderful ideas that came up in the chat about how we might use this day together. We have made a short video (this one is short – we promise!). Once you've watched this, you'll understand the bullet points above, and can decide where you want to go from here.

What was Elena saying to get this reaction from Naomi?!

Please scroll down if you want to find some suggestions for more structure. In the meantime, here are some beautiful images.

Another journey, high in the sky, through the mystical mountains of a foreign land.
Photo by Joshua Sortino / Unsplash
Photo by Marko Blažević / Unsplash
Looking up
Photo by Casey Horner / Unsplash
Photo by Shifaaz shamoon / Unsplash

If you need more structure r suggestions, you can find it in the second post of today.