After watching the video above, please consider what your needs are today. We have included some suggestions here. We would invite course participants to edit this post with impunity, to add your own suggestions to the cauldron. We have grouped ideas according to possible needs/desires. Please note: you absolutely won't be able to do all of these. Picking one and giving it and yourself space might be the most self-compassionate approach.

Suggestions for structured ways forward.

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I want a plan of what to do after DPL

This can be as simple as sitting down to write two things you're going to do next week, one for a month's time, one for a year.

Perhaps you could use today to write your learning philosophy (thanks to Liz). Once you've done that, you could begin to think about how you could use this document within your own practice and/or 'classroom'.

Here's one I (Naomi) am planning. I am going to write my teaching/learning philosophy as one sentence, then I'm going to put it in my email signature, with an invitation for people to hold me to account. Terrifying, and enjoyably subversive. A step towards beginning all planning, teaching and meetings with my learning/teaching philosophy at the top/beginning.

A tool I (Naomi) have found useful is WOOP. It is a 'Yes, but...' tool for me. I take what I find useful and leave what I don't. The idea of engaging with our internal blocks to making change I find really helpful for me.

WOOP: Acknowledging obstacles needs be part of positive thinking

I'm feeling playful but I don't know where to start

If you haven't already made a crown, garland or hat for the coffee break, maybe this is the time (h/t to Lisa).

Embracing the idea of 'enabling constraints', might you go for a walk in which you choose a colour, leave your house, and walk between instances of that colour. If you've chosen yellow, walk towards the first yellow thing you see. From there, look for the next yellow thing and walk towards it. You might take pictures on your phone of the objects close up. What does it feel like to set out on a walk with this constraint and no other (except perhaps a time limit).

Or might you write your learning philosophy as a haiku or limerick?

I want something practical that I can take 'back' with me to make change.

As Elena and Naomi have discussed, they both encourage students to rewrite the policies and strategies of the institution in which they learn. Is there a strategy you could find from your own institution and rewrite it? Perhaps you could begin by including an institutional 'learning philosophy' at the top. You might put your motto that you wrote earlier in the week right there. Once you've done that, then you can start considering who to share it with.

Earlier in the week Jennifer talked about the idea of building a bonfire to see who comes, and those are the people who share your care for the work. What kind of bonfire could you build in your institution?  How can you offer a space for like-minded people to gather?

The essay by Parker J. Palmer (shared in the resources padlet for day 5) has some grounded and practical ways to think about the four stages of educational reform. Consider looking back over that piece of writing and ask yourself where you are and where you want to be (I'm usually in several places at once, in different parts of my educational life, but I find the structure a useful way of thinking).

I want to rejuvenate

What kind of rejuvenation do you need right now? We've talked about food a lot this week. Could we share our recipes with each other and those who find rejuvenation in cooking could get creative?

I (Naomi) am planning to use part of Friday to go for a short bike ride carrying a blanket and pillow, and find a tree to set up camp under so I can watch the canopy dancing while lying on my back and absorbing some chlorophyll and ideas.

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I want to find ways to keep this community going

Liz suggested we might write actual hand written letters to each other, to deliberately slow things down and include our physical marks.

Tomorrow (day-7) we can make sure we've downloaded everything we want to take away with us, including making sure we've got everyone's contact details if we want to keep in touch.

Are there others in the group who would like to collaborate? Lisa suggested the idea of a book from DPL and I love that idea. How can we begin to make those connections? There are some conversations happening in discourse and on padlet.

I need some help thinking something through or solving a problem

We talked in day 6's coffee break about the idea of us posting questions and problems we're facing, and digging in with each other to problem solve. Some posts have already been set up in discourse. Please have a look and if you have something you'd like specific help with, please start your own post or add your own question. You can also add pages here in ghost, and of course you can tweet.

I just need some time to digest!

Yes! Liz used the word 'synthesise' too. Ways to explore might be to use some of the materials you gathered for this week, including your board, to map some of these things out using actual post its and handwriting. Perhaps you could doodle, journal, go for a walk and ponder. What usually helps you to find ways of taking ideas and ways of being into your self and rejecting those that don't belong with you?

I've got something to say

While DPL is running, it's a really good time to amplify your voice. If you want to post something onto Ghost here and then tweet about it, that could work well. Use #digped for maximum coverage. If you let the rest of us know you've done it, we can amplify you further with retweets/twits where we can.

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Please keep adding and amending!


We hope these suggestions help you to consider what you need and how you might achieve it today – a structure that isn't enclosing but invitational and playful. We have included more than you can possibly do here. Choosing one and doing it with heart and mind might be a better way of engaging than of giving in to FOMO and dotting yourself around, but you know yourself better than us and so you'd be the best person to listen to about that.

Above all we hope you have fun and feel energised by the end of today. There is much work ahead. But right now, we're here.

With love,

Naomi and Elena

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