This section is for thinking about compassion. Please, take the time to go back and re-read the Day 2 Worksheet 'I care'.

We have seen how emotional intelligence is pivotal for creating wellbeing spaces. And I personally believe that compassion is central to developing and sustaining wellbeing in learning and teaching spaces.

I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. “What matters is what it means to you,” he told me.

I asked what it meant to him. “Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,” Michael said.

I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness.
Photo by Matt Collamer / Unsplash

Here a few readings for you and then we can open up the space for a conversation.

  1. Please, explore this website as much as you like. I personally do not entirely agree with everything in there (do we need to assess compassion?) but so many interesting ideas are contained in this space created by Theo Gilbert. The films can be quite a useful tool but if you prefer the readings contained in the website, go for it:
  2. Waddington, K., (2016). The compassion gap in UK universities. International Practice Development Journal, 6(1). Is it only in the UK?
  3. Waddington, K., (2017). Creating conditions for compassion. In P. Gibbs (Ed.), The Pedagogy of Compassion at the Heart of Higher Education. Cham: Springer.
  4. Additional for further reading in the near/far future: Smyth, J., (2017). The toxic university: Zombie leadership, academic rock stars, and neoliberal ideology. London: Palgrave Macmillan

So, what has compassion has to do with creating wellbeing positive learning spaces?

How do I embed compassion? How do you embed compassion? What can I do for creating such compassionate environments in the distance learning? Food for thoughts - please record them on your notebook.

Time to do another worksheet or to say goodnight.....

Up to can keep exploring or you can call it a day!

Day 4/Worksheet 2: What are the cracks that let your light in?


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Day 4/Worksheet 2: What are the cracks that let your light in?

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